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4k Aerial Drone Technology Inspection with our Roof Inspections

We provide drone services for photography, real estate, inspections, and more

We are drone certified under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 license and we follow all FAA regulations. Our drones are registered with the FAA and flown by a certified pilot. We are able to request FAA airspace authorization if necessary for your drone needs.


4k Drone Assisted Visual Home Inspection


Our inspection service give you access to  inspect areas that could be difficult to reach. to help you make the right call for your property. 


Drone inspection makes it possible to access areas that may pose health, safety and environmental risks in a fast and safe way.


Our Drones are equipped with 4k imaging and videos, enabling us to detect even minor issues that might be missed. 


Get a Professional Drone Roof Inspection from Property Geekz 

You got a minute? Of most liking not! There's no need to adjust your busy schedule. Simply schedule one of our state-of-the-art drone inspections. It's quick, thorough, and no one needs to hop on your roof!

A drone roof inspection provides you peace of mind, without needing a person to come into your home or climb your roof for the inspection.

After your inspection, one of our Pro's will schedule a virtual meeting to go over your report with photos and our recommendations for the next steps.

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