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Infrared  Inspection

Benefits of Infrared Imaging


At Property Geekz Inspections, a full thermal imaging inspection is included in conjunction with every home inspection.

By including a thermal imaging scan and employing an arsenal of testing and measurement equipment following the conclusion of your standard home inspection, We've found Hundreds of defects that were previously impossible to locate during a visual only inspection.



  • Walls checked throughout for leaks with photo documentation of wet areas


  • Electrical panel scanned to check for overheating wiring


Checks for water damage: previous and current


Checks for Attic heat & leaks: poor sealed attic and lack of insulation


Checks for air leakage: poorly sealed windows and doors

Thermal Imaging

FLIR Infrared scans are completed by a certified thermal imager. FLIR has some of the best technology on the market related to thermal imaging scans and their cameras are utilized to ensure your new home does not have additional concerns that maybe cannot be detected easily with the naked eye. This gives one of the deepest dives you can get into the walls and ceilings and other major areas.

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