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New Construction Inspection

Building your ideal home residence is an exciting  journey, yet even in new builds, potential health and safety risks lurk. A New Construction Inspection serves as a crucial step for homebuyers, guaranteeing the safety and readiness of your new abode. With a meticulous examination of over 300 aspects, spanning from foundation to roof and all components in between, we provide a comprehensive yet accessible report. This empowers you to address any questions or concerns with the builder before finalizing the deal, safeguarding your well-being, security, and financial investment.

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Why Get a New Construction Inspection with PGI?

Our New Construction Inspection covers over 300+ items in your newly built home including interior and exterior components, Roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, foundation, and major appliances. This inspection is non-invasive and helps identify key issues that pose health and safety hazards. A Property Geekz Home Inspection includes a Drone Roof Inspection, where available, and Our inspectors are highly trained, insured and deliver top-rated service.

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Benefits of a New Construction Inspection

 Avoiding expensive surprises and repairs by identifying issues with the builder before you close on the home.


Enjoy peace of mind in your new home knowing it was inspected with Property Geekz  Home Inspection.


Get the Geekz for Life: With PGI, we become your trusted partner throughout your entire homeownership journey, and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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